Children discover and develop their potential
in a safe environment.


The programme improves entrepreneurship, soft and digital skills.

We encourage the participants to work well in teams, to master digital technology, and to use their ideas to solve problems.

We believe, that even a young pupil from primary school can apply their skills to come up with practical solutions for issues in their community and become a catalyst for change in their neighborhood. Open Future aims to foster critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, perseverance, teamwork, and creativity.


What does the programme offer?

Twice a week education in skills of the future.

Informal innovative learning and space for self-realisation.

Friendly club premises always accessible after school until late afternoon.

Learning to use technologies to the fullest.

Experiential activities and trips to top Slovak companies and important organisations.

Visits of interesting people directly in the club (scientists, writers, entrepreneurs and many others).

Summer academies and weekend programmes at various locations.

Support while applying secondary school and help with homework.

It’s gonna be fun.

In what areas do children improve?


Soft skills

Open Future programme focuses on acquiring skills aimed at teamwork and problem solving. Children acquire necessary competences for personal development, access to other people, the world and future profession.



The programme supports participants in developing their entrepreneurship through creating their own social projects to support their community and region.


Digital skills

The programme develops children’s digital literacy to prepare them for the rapidly changing environment of technologies that are essential for nowadays life and education.

What does it look like at Open Future?

yellow epety in the future differently
children learn in the room of the future
children who learn
mini programming for children

Not every child has an equal talent, but they should have the equal right to develop their talent.

John F. Kennedy

children do an experiment on a plastic cup

Want to join
the program?


We start the registration every September. For more information, please contact us at

Who are we?

We connect businesses, NGOs, public sector, communities and individuals to jointly achieve positive changes in responsible entrepreneurship, social innovation and philanthropy. We are also experts in these topics.