The people who make Open Future programme

Martina Kolesárová

Executive Director

+421 2 5710 8111

Alica Vidová

Programme Manager

+421 940 612 734

Martin Točík

Programme Coordinator

Zuzana Svoreňová

senior mentor

Lucia Gregorova

Team Leader

+421 907 438 865

Dominika Gerhátová

Programme Coordinator

Michaela Tejbusová

senior mentor

Arnold Kiss

Maxman Consultants

Marián Holienka

Faculty of Management of Charles University

Eva Klimeková

OZ Mini Tech Institute


Marek Zámečník


Peter Dral

OZ New Education

Anna Symington-Maar

OZ Rozmanita

Jakub Simek


Tatiana Švrčková

Slovak Telekom


Vladimír Eliáš


Andrej Konkol

ARKON, a.s.

Peter Hulényi

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic

Janette Motlová Mazini

Research Institute of Child Psychology and Pathopsychology


Martin Menšík


Adriana Boháčová

McDonald's Slovakia

Petra Zaťková

Lenovo Slovakia



Róbert Dusík

TITANS freelancers

Marek Greško

TITANS freelancers


Daniela Olah

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

Marcela Zimová


Mirka Uhnak

Mini Tech MBA

Martin Basila



Veronika Golianová

Impact Games

Jozef Dolinka


Kristian Sommer


Jakub Žaludko

Impact Games

Lucia Šicková

Pixel Federation

Alžbeta Irhová


Jana Reháková, Simona Hlaváčová


Zuzana Almáši Koreňová

Department of Education, Zvolen Municipal Office

Experts said about us:

I have witnessed how the analogous Israeli Unistream programme has become one of the most successful and influential initiatives in the country. The program is not only working, it is significantly changing the innovation environment and the educational ecosystem in Israel. The future DOES have just as much potential.

Peter Hulényi | Member of the Advisory Board

Open Future is out of the context of our education system. It gives children what schools and teachers often no longer have the capacity to do. Connecting with people in practice and real projects and companies, personal development and the opportunity to be part of building a community and a more holistic view of education than just focusing on one particular subject.

Arnold Kiss | expert guarantor of the programme

If we can provide quality education and programs for all groups of children and youth, wherever and to whomever they are born, we can begin to believe that our country can be an advanced society.

Janette Motlová Maziniová | Member of the Advisory Board

Who are we?

We connect businesses, NGOs, government institutions, communities and individuals to work together to bring about positive change in corporate responsibility, social innovation and philanthropy. We are also experts in these topics.