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We create after-school centres where we offer a 3-year educational programme focused on entrepreneurship, digital and soft skills to the middle-school students.

We create opportunities for program participants to develop their skills and talents. We encourage them to notice their surroundings, think about the world differently, solve the problems they see around them and not be afraid to actively approach these situations. We want children to know that there are different options they can take advantage of in their lives, regardless of the environment they come from.



university students trained

experts involved

facilities for schools

Out-of-school support

We create a safe and creative environment – an after-school centre equipped with digital technologies and a relaxation zone.

help and mentoring

Learning differently

We regularly offer children learning in an informal way with an emphasis on personal growth or the transition to secondary school. Coordinators accompany them in their education.

solutions for the region

Solutions for the region

We guide our participants to create their own idea that would solve a problem in their region. Children create their own mini social innovation.

the world of innovation

A world of possibilities

We involve people from the business, non-profit and public sector, such as experienced professionals to expand children’s awareness of the possibilities in their communities or future employment.

In what areas are children improving?


Soft skills

Open Future programme focuses on acquiring skills aimed at teamwork and problem solving. Children acquire necessary competences for personal development, access to other people, the world and future profession.


More about entrepreneurship

The programme supports participants in developing their entrepreneurship through creating their own social projects to support their community and region.


Digital skills

The programme develops children’s digital literacy to prepare them for the rapidly changing environment of technologies that are essential for study and life today.

Experts said about us:

I witnessed how Israel's Unistream programme became one of the most successful and influential initiatives in the country. The programme not only works well, but significantly changes the innovation environment and educational ecosystem in Israel. Open Future programme has just as much potential.

Peter Hulényi | Member of the Advisory Board

Open Future programme is out of the context of our education. It gives children what schools and teachers often no longer have the capacity to do. If we can provide quality education and programmes for all groups of children and youth, no matter where and to whom they are born, we can begin to believe that our country can become a developed society.

Arnold Kiss | Member of the Advisory Board

If we can provide quality education and programmes for all groups of children and youth, wherever and to whomever they are born, we can begin to believe that our country can be an advanced society.

Janette Motlová Maziniová | Member of the Advisory Board

This project is implemented thanks to support from the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund under the Human Resources Operational Programme.

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We connect businesses, NGOs, public sector, communities and individuals to jointly achieve positive changes in responsible entrepreneurship, social innovation and philanthropy. We are also experts in these topics.