How do they produce heat for radiators? In Trnava and Zvolen, we had a visit from MH Teplárenský holding

24. May, 2023

We lead children in Open Future centres to realize their responsibility for our planet, that energy sources are not inexhaustible, and also to think about where and how the topic of sustainability intersects with the problems of their city or community.

Great speakers from the company MH Teplárenský holding helped us with a practical demonstration. HR expert Viera Pošíková visited Trnava, and we again welcomed experts Pavla Hrachovinová and Lenka Tiralová in the Zvolen centre.

The children learned many interesting things during the meeting. “For example, the heating plant produces cold during the summer months, which we use in the air conditioners. The important information was that it doesn’t matter from which source we produce heat for our radiators. If we burn waste, black smoke rises into the air, which we subsequently breathe. It is therefore very important that the heating fuel is as ecological as possible,” explains the coordinator of the Zvolen centre Martin Tóčik.

The children were also given the task of inventing an ecological method of heating hot water, which we could use one day in the future. There were no limits to imagination. The Trnava Group entered the competition of Teplárenský holding with an idea based on the use of liquid from raspberries after the expiration date. In Zvolen, they thought about the task. „If the children’s predictions come true, maybe one day we will have ecological heating with leaves and colorful smoke will rise from the chimneys,“ says Martin.

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